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Email and Messaging Threats (spam, phishing, instant messaging)

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  • Security Bytes: Courts get tough on digital miscreants

    This week a Wi-Fi thief and a spyware duo face the music; Web analysts distance themselves from the bad guys; and does anyone want to go on a 'phishing' trip? 

  • Security Bytes: Phishing attacks get personal

    In other news: VeriSign warns of new DOS attacks; Norton update disrupts AOL connections; Oracle claims a security milestone; and researchers say viruses could infect RFID tags. 

  • Scientists band together for TRUST-worthy research

    A group of the nation's top computer scientists and colleges are teaming up to find better ways to protect computing systems from cyberattacks. 

  • Attacks driven by love of money

    Symantec's latest threat report shows digital desperadoes are exploiting Web application flaws and using "modular" malcode to launch lucrative attacks. 

  • Security Wire Weekly audio downloads

    Get the week's top information security news while you're commuting to work or at the gym -- whenever it's convenient to you! Listen to our Security Wire Weekly audio downloads by SearchSecurity's award-winning news team and stay in the know. 

  • Review: Spam Firewall a 'comfortable mid-sized sedan'

    Barracuda Spam Firewall's per-appliance pricing, clustering capability and centralized administration makes for a solid value proposition. 

  • AV upstarts tout need for speed in zero-day fight

    Data suggests upstart European antivirus firms are reacting more quickly to emerging zero-day threats, but opinions differ on whether speed is an important factor when choosing a vendor. 

  • FTC promotes ID theft awareness

    The government's new quiz aims to highlight the growing problem, but the latest data suggests many consumers still fail to protect their identity. 

  • 2006 phish tales, part 1: Worse on Linux or Windows?

    Phishing expert Lance James differentiates between media hype and legitimate security concerns. He exposes Windows and Linux flaws. 

  • End of spam, phishing threats not far off

    Viruses, spam and phishing aren't going away overnight. But for 2006, one research firm says a new set of messaging security threats will take center stage.