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Email and Messaging Threats (spam, phishing, instant messaging)

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  • Spam remains IT security issue

    Spam can contain Trojans and viruses, as well as hog network bandwidth, and it's on the rise. 

  • What security technologies does an enterprise really need?

    Gartner notes which technologies may benefit enterprises, and which technologies they can pass on. 

  • Best antispam weapon: Mix of roadblocks and global laws

    Give spammers more computations to solve or more fees to pay before they can open e-mail accounts and they'll eventually stop trying. But while these roadblocks slow them down, experts argue diehard spammers will always find ways to push through. 

  • No canning, but spammers on notice

    Spam hasn't declined significantly since CAN SPAM took effect more than three months ago. But will new legislation ultimately help security managers keep malicious, inappropriate or unwanted e-mails, viruses and worms out of the enterprise? 

  • Industry Notebook: Proofpoint battles spam

    Proofpoint announced its new antispam appliance, Proofpoint P-Series Message Protection and shipped its updated messenger platform leading off this edition of Industry Notebook. Also included are items from Reason, iDefense, Credant Technologies and ... 

  • Face-off: Instant messaging in the enterprise

    Is instant messaging at work a matter of pure convenience, or pure danger? Associate site editor Kara Gattine says IM use can improve productivity and make communication easier, but site editor Margaret Rouse says IM applications are distracting and ... 

  • The end of the Internet?

    Is spam the silver bullet that will deflate the Internet's ascent? It's hard to say but few would disagree that it has certainly impacted the usability of it. 

  • 'Spamnabbit!' Getting a handle on junk e-mail

    There are ways to eliminate spam but doing so isn't foolproof. Being too aggressive may yield too many false positives. 

  • Mydoom lessons: Mass-mailers here to stay

    The prolific Mydoom-A worm broke records and now serves as a reminder of the dangerous potential of mass-mailing malicious code. 

  • Spam, virus writing may come under mafia control

    Will the recent introduction of antispam legislation result in the creation of a "spam underworld"?