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Email and Messaging Threats (spam, phishing, instant messaging)

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  • Mimail-L takes sleazy aim at antispam sites

    Another variant of the Mimail worm has appeared that targets antispam sites. Mimail-L, however, implies some of the blacklist sites are selling child pornography, in addition to trying to steal sensitive user data and launching denial-of-service atta... 

  • Experts ponder spam, worm-writing connection

    As more spam relays are being choked off, experts are examining the possibility that spammers are using worms to do their dirty work. 

  • S/MIME vulnerability requires vendor-specific patches

    Hundreds of potentially affected vendors are rushing to create patches for a security vulnerability in the S/MIME protocol that may permit a denial of service. 

  • Security pros can leverage spam-busting with management

    Spam reduction in an enterprise is tangible evidence of success for a security professional, an expert said. When members of management get fewer junk e-mail messages in their inboxes, they have visible proof their security staff is at work on a prod... 

  • Quick Takes: Trend Micro supports Domino 6.5

    Content security vendor Trend Micro announced support for Domino 6.5, leading off this edition of Quick Takes. Also included are items from TruLogica, Executive Software, Sygate Technologies and ActivCard. 

  • Users want to can spam with national registry

    A new study shows that people want the government to deal with spam the same way it's dealing with annoying telemarketing calls. 

  • Could a 'do not spam' list really stop spammers?

    U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer has proposed a "do not spam" list to combat the waves of spam flooding inboxes every day. One privacy experts explains how the list would work, while a spammer attempts to toss a bucket of cold water on the whole idea. 

  • In the spammer's lair

    Meet the "Cajun Spammer," a man who sends up to 100 million unsolicited e-mails a day. Learn his motivations and methods, and find out whether spam madness will ever subside. 

  • Hoaxes, fraud threaten viability of e-mail

    A recent scam against Best Buy customers has put another dent in the confidence enterprises and customers have in using e-mail to conduct business. 

  • E-mail worm poses as Bill Gates

    A rapidly spreading variant of the Sobig worm, under the guise of an e-mail from Bill Gates, hit inboxes this weekend. The worm has been upgraded by most antivirus companies.