Whaling attacks: Avoiding the cyberharpoon

Email and Messaging Threats (spam, phishing, instant messaging)

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  • Reputation systems gaining credibility in fight against spam

    Now that nearly all organizations are employing some sort of anti-spam technology, spammers know their only hope for success lies with outwitting spam-detection strategies. But as Mike Rothman writes, the emergence of reputation-based systems is maki... 

  • Is the CAN-SPAM Act a help or a hindrance?

    Three years have passed since CAN-SPAM was enacted, but has this legislation truly contained unsolicited commercial email? In this tip, contributor Joel Dubin examines if the law has effectively cracked down on spamming activities and examines how to... 

  • Defensive measures for evolving phishing tactics

    From image spam to cross-site scripting, hackers certainly have a large arsenal of weapons to choose from. But as AT&T recently learned, hackers are putting a new twist on ever-dependable phishing schemes to gain access to confidential and sensitive ... 

  • One-time password tokens: Best practices for two-factor authentication

    In this tip, Joel Dubin examines how to physically secure one-time password tokens and how to properly implement them to provide effective two-factor authentication. 

  • Battling image spam

    The threat environment is changing once again as spammers investigate new technologies in an effort to stay one step ahead of spam filters. Their latest technique: image spam. In this tip, Mike Chapple provides an example of image spam and explains h... 

  • Out-of-office messages: A security hazard?

    Automatically generated out-of-office messages, like the kind created by Microsoft Outlook, have come under scrutiny as a possible security hazard for a number of reasons. Should organizations prohibit the use of out-of-office messages? Serdar Yegula... 

  • How to manage a private e-mail address in Exchange 2003

    Security practitioners share tools and tactics to help create and manage a private e-mail address in Exchange 2003. 

  • Spear phishing: Don't be a target

    Hackers are beginning to use targeted attacks to exploit network vulnerabilities. In this tip, Al Berg introduces a specific targeted attack, spear phishing, and provides tactics information security practitioners can use to protect their organizati... 

  • Seven trends to expect from virus and worm authors in 2006

    This threat monitor tip outlines seven emerging trends among virus and worm writers, explains why it is important to implement enterprise-wide security measures and provides tools and tactics to defend against them. 

  • Keep attackers from phishing in your waters

    Learn why phishing attacks continue to rise and three steps you can take to mitigate this risk.