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Emerging Information Security Threats

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  • Emerging threat detection techniques and products

    Advanced persistent threat (APT) has been a used and abused term in the security industry, but security experts say targeted attacks are a growing problem, penetrating networks and stealing intellectual property. This TechGuide will provide analysis ... 

  • Outsourcing security services

    This month, Information Security Magazine examines security in the cloud. Cloud security and cloud services have come a long way and it’s now possible to control the quality of security you get in Web deployments, and to monitor what’s going on in yo... 

  • The China Syndrome: Security factors to consider before buying Chinese IT

    Chinese IT equipment is often cost-effective, but the U.S. government believes Chinese vendors are a threat to American interests. This month, Information Security Magazine examines the Huawei security risks and offers points to consider befor... 

  • Threat management: Devising a new strategy to tackle today's cyber attacks

    Trying to prepare your defenses against a constantly shifting threat landscape can be a demanding task. New threats – such as mobile malware, targeted attacks, and compromised social media – can open the door to cyber attack; so what do you need to k... 

  • Market for vulnerability information grows

    Stronger defenses are necessary to defend against escalating nation-state cyberweapon and cyberespionage activities and the threats to our critical infrastructure posed by hacktivists and terrorist groups. This month, Information Security Magazine... 

  • Five actions to prepare for today’s external security threats

    In this month’s issue, Global Vice President of the Information Security Forum, Steve Durbin, offers five actions you can take to prepare for today’s external threats, proven steps to counter internal threats, and practical advice on how to better pr... 

  • Combat the latest malware threats with effective antimalware planning

    While we try to keep pace and adopt new platforms such as smartphones, social media and cloud services, malware is just as good at taking on the latest trends with ease. Explore why enterprises need to step up their game and implement new antimalware... 

  • Debunking myths about the advanced persistent threat (APT)

    Think you know all you need to know about the advanced persistent threat? We’ll define APT and dispel a few myths in this month's cover story, as well as uncover how you can beef up your information security skill set. Plus, our experts reveal the pr... 

  • Combatting emerging Web threats In the enterprise

    Attackers are almost exclusively targeting enterprises with hacks perpetrated over the Web. As most enterprises move operations and functionality online, Web-based applications become a tempting threat vector for cybercriminals. Read this e-book for ... 

  • Mitigation and detection to reduce the threat of online crime

    As our economy struggles to regain its footing, online fraud is more prevalent than ever. In this e-Book, experts reveal a model for common fraud and present tips on easing fraud pains. Also, find out how financial fraud affects consumer bank behavio... 

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  • thingbot

    A thingbot is something with an embedded system and an Internet connection that has been coopted by a hacker as a part of a botnet. A thing, in this context, could be just about anything but a computing device. 

  • socialbot

    A socialbot is a software program that simulates human behavior in automated interactions on social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter. As a rule, socialbots are designed to pass the Turing test: They're sophisticated enough to fool other use... 

  • business logic attack

    A business logic attack is an exploit that takes advantage of a flaw in programming managing the exchange of information between a user interface and the application's supporting database. 

  • search engine results page (SERP)

    A search engine results page (SERP) is the list of results that a search engine returns in response to a specific word or phrase query. 

  • mobile device attack

    A mobile device attack is an exploit targeting handheld communications devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Ed Skoudis, founder and senior security consultant of InGuardians, a security consulting firm, describes one scenario: "Bad guys are go... 

  • device attack

    A device attack is an exploit in which the attacker takes advantage of a vulnerable device to gain network access. 

  • Duqu (W32.Duqu)

    Duqu is a remote access Trojan (RAT) that is designed to steal data from computers it infects. 

  • voluntary botnet

    A voluntary botnet is a distributed network of computers whose processing power is harnessed to carry out a political or socially-motivated denial of service (DoS) attack. 

  • TDL-4 (TDSS or Alureon)

    TDL-4 is sophisticated malware that facilitates the creation and maintenance of a botnet.  The program is the fourth generation of the TDL malware, which was itself based on an earlier malicious program known as TDSS or Alureon. 

  • malvertisement (malicious advertisement or malvertising)

    A malvertisement (malicious advertisement) is an advertisement on the Internet that delivers a malicious payload.  

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About Emerging Information Security Threats

Hackers are now attacking RFID tags and readers, mobile devices and hardware drivers and using advanced information security threats such as rootkits and self-morphing Trojans to gain control of PCs. Read through our news, tips and advice to get the latest knowledge you need to defeat evolving hacker techniques.