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Emerging Information Security Threats

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  • Zero-day attacks target Microsoft Visual Studio

    Microsoft has outlined a series of steps users should take to protect their machines from attacks that exploit a new zero-day flaw in Visual Studio 2005. 

  • Feds get a D plus for data security

    An epidemic of data security breaches has swept across the federal government since early 2003, according to the House Committee on Government Reform. 

  • Malware authors producing stealthier creations

    Savvy attackers are making it difficult to detect and analyze malware creations. 

  • Malware taunts storage and caching servers

    Malware is being found on storage and caching servers and a new wave of sophisticated Web 2.0 attacks are among the trends highlighted in a report from security vendor Finjan Inc. 

  • Google Code Search gives security experts a sinking feeling

    The new search tool from Google can help developers find useful code examples. But security experts worry that it also will make attackers' jobs that much easier. 

  • Hijacked consumer machines target the enterprise

    Attackers continue to strike gold by targeting consumers who lack the security savvy to address desktop application flaws, according to Symantec Corp. Enterprises ultimately pay the price. 

  • If e-thieves want your vote, they can have it

    This week in Security Blog Log, researchers focus on flaws in Diebold's electronic voting machine. Attackers could easily exploit them to tamper with your vote, they claim. 

  • RSS, Atom feeds ripe for attack

    Black Hat: A researcher demonstrates how RSS and Atom feeds can spread the payload of a zero-day attack. His advice? Subscribe to feeds with care. 

  • Possible Cisco zero-day exploit revealed at Black Hat

    Details of an alleged flaw related to SIP and PIX appliances, briefly mentioned in a Wednesday Black Hat presentation, are being kept under wraps as Cisco and US-CERT investigate. 

  • Social engineering's new tricks present bigger dangers

    While social engineering has already helped many worms and viruses propagate, researchers believe attackers may soon escalate their assaults by exploiting end-users incompetence, naivety and greed.