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  • Security Bytes: First Mac OS X worm discovered

    In other news, exploits surface for the latest Microsoft flaws and New Hampshire officials investigate the breach of a government-operated computer system. 

  • Sony rootkit could lead to dangerous exploits

    Some claim a fix for Sony BMG's controversial DRM rootkit doesn't do what it should, while others fear a potential wave of well-intentioned rootkits could lead to other kinds of dangerous exploits. 

  • Security Bytes: PHP users urged to upgrade

    In other news, an adware firm says it may fight against removal; Apple fixes flaws in Mac OS X; and bugs are ironed out in OpenVPN. Also, another Bagle worm hits networks and a new survey shows strategic security taking a hit. 

  • Bots in the A/C, spyware in the 'fridge

    Someday, hackers will target the computers in your air conditioner, refrigerator and TV. What can security professionals do about it? 

  • 'Whispering keyboards' making noise again

    An attack published last year at an IEEE conference is again in the news thanks to new research on password-cracking from UC Berkeley. 

  • Users in an uproar over Cisco/ISS suit

    A Cisco IOS flaw patched three months ago becomes the catalyst for litigation against a security researcher. Black Hat attendees cry foul and say Cisco is in the wrong. 

  • Security Bytes: 'Highly critical' flaws in Kerberos 5

    In other news, Cisco patches security holes in CallManager while Apple addresses flaws in Mac OS X. 

  • Zombie machines used in 'brutal' SSH attacks

    IT managers use SSH to gain secure access to remote computers. Hackers are using it to crack your network, with help from their zombie friends. 

  • Security Bytes: Googkle typo hijacks computers

    Also, TIAA-CREFF terminates con artist, antispam controls interfere with deadlines, critical flaws are identified in HP-UX running Mozilla and Sun fixes multiple Solaris flaws.