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Emerging Information Security Threats

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  • Defending against RAM scraper malware in the enterprise

    A new type of malware attack, RAM scraper, may pose a serious threat to enterprise security. Learn what a RAM scraper attack is, and how you can defend your organization from this potentially damaging new malware attack. 

  • Preparing for future security threats, evolving malware

    Security expert Nick Lewis predicts how infosec threats will evolve in 2010. Luckily, enterprise defenses will evolve, too. 

  • How to prevent memory dump attacks

    Because databases are often encrypted, some attackers have switched to memory dump attacks. Michael Cobb explains how to protect your unencrypted transactions. 

  • Best practices for (small) botnets

    Your enterprise might have a strategy to deal with a large-scale botnet attack, but how would you deal with a micro-botnet that knows how to bypass antivirus and firewalls? Get botnet help with this expert advice. 

  • Cyberwarfare and the enterprise: Is the threat real?

    Recently, there has been a great deal of press about massive botnets and killer denial-of-service attacks. So how concerned should you really be about cyberwarfare? The threat is real, says contributor Sherri Davidoff, but the underlying problems are... 

  • Short-lived Web malware: Fading fad or future trend?

    Attackers are increasingly spreading their malicious code through fly-by-night websites that seem legitimate to unsuspecting users, but are actually laden with malware. Marcos Christodonte II explains how short-lived Web malware works, and how enterp... 

  • Network security 2009 trends: Mergers, security budget cuts

    With a possibly reduced security budget, will you be ready for 2009? Full-time network expert and part-time pundit Mike Chapple offers up four network security predictions for the new year. 

  • How to increase security with a decreasing budget

    Throughout 2009, organizations will focus on being smarter, leaner and cheaper, which may leave security --- and funding for security -- out of the big picture. But don't panic; Michael Cobb explains why there's still room for information security in... 

  • Future security threats: Enterprise attacks of 2009

    Will organizations be ready for next year's enterprise security threats? Expert John Strand reviews what's in store for 2009, including new weapons, old vulnerabilities, and new takes on old attack techniques. 

  • How to prevent clickjacking attacks with security policy, not technology

    Clickjacking, an emerging hacker technique similar to cross-site scripting, tricks a user into executing malicious commands on a seemingly legitimate or innocent website. John Strand reviews how the attack works, how it compares to cross-site-scripti...