The only proven strategy to thwart CryptoLocker ransomware

Emerging Information Security Threats

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  • Face-off: Information security management metrics

    Are metrics useful, or do they just distract security pros from the real issues at hand? In this video, Hugh Thompson and Adam Shostack discuss the necessity of metrics. 

  • Expert on cyber espionage, types of cybercrime and prevention

    In this video, Rober Rodriguez, chairman and founder of the Security Innovation Network (SINET), discusses the state of cybercrime and cyberespionage, and what enterprises need to do to secure themselves. 

  • Information security podcasts: 2009 archive

    Listen to all of's security podcasts from 2009: a collection of the year's best IT news and Q&A with infosec experts. 

  • Marcus Ranum on cyberwarfare, infosec careers

    At 2009's Information Security Decisions conference, security expert Marcus Ranum sat down to answer some of readers' security questions. 

  • Bruce Schneier on outsourcing, awareness training

    At the 2009 Information Security Decisions conference, security expert Bruce Schneier answered some of readers' burning security questions. 

  • Newest malware threats

    What are the newest threats to enterprise networks, and how can you subvert these emerging security threats? Greg Hoglund, CEO of HBGary and creator of the first rootkit, answers these questions. 

  • The failing war against cybercriminals

    Sophos senior security consultant Graham Cluley explains why it has been difficult to defeat international cybercriminal gangs. 

  • Cybercrime and threat management

    It's no secret that cybercrime is an ever-growing issue for today's security professionals, but what roles and responsibilities need to change as a result of the glut in illicit cyber activity? In this video, Bill Boni, VP of information security an... 

  • Face-off: Who should be in charge of cybersecurity?

    Security experts Bruce Schneier and Marcus Ranum debate how the federal government should handle cybersecurity initiatives. 

  • Federal efforts to secure cyberinfrastrucure

    RSA 2009: Former White House senior advisor Paul Kurtz and James Lewis, director of technology policy at the Center for Strategic and International Studies talk about the state of cybersecurity readiness at the federal level.