Data governance 2.0 defined: How can enterprises adapt?

Enterprise Data Governance

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  • Websense, Reconnex top Forrester ranking of DLP vendors

    The data leakage prevention market is branching out into automating data classification, analysis and device management, according to a report from Forrester Research Inc. 

  • Countermeasures against targeted attacks in the enterprise

    Security organizations often struggle to compensate for unknowing employees who fall victim to social engineering attacks. It's the unenviable job of information security to prevent that from happening. In this tip, Markus Jakobsson details the ills ... 

  • To what exactly would a request for biometric data from an insurance provider pertain?

    Biometric data serves only to verify identity. Identity and expert management expert Joel Dubin explains what an insurance company might want with biometric data. 

  • Penetration testing: Helping your compliance efforts

    Penetration testing can be helpful as part of a corporate vulnerability assessment, but is it as valuable for enterprise compliance? In this tip, contributor Mike Rothman examines the connection between compliance and pen-testing and unveils why pen ... 

  • Are open recursive DNS servers inherently insecure?

    Recursion was meant to make the Internet run better, but expert Michael Cobb explains why the willingness of malicious users to abuse open recursive DNS servers has made it part of numerous ongoing threats. 

  • Should whole disk encryption tools be used with data backup software?

    Disk encryption and disk backup play two distinct roles when it comes to enterprise network security. Michael Cobb explains how both of the important tools can be used together effectively. 

  • Worst practices: Learning from bad security tips

    In this tip, information security threats expert Ed Skoudis exposes some bad security practices, highlights the common and dangerous misconceptions held by security personnel, and offers insight on how corporations can learn from others' mistakes. 

  • The ins and outs of database encryption

    While pundits and gurus may say the "easy" data protection option is for an enterprise to encrypt its entire database, the truth is it's much harder than many realize. In this tip, database security expert Rich Mogull examines the two primary use cas... 

  • RSA attendees see data classification, rights management projects stumble

    SAN FRANCISCO -- Companies need to embark on data classification projects to gain more control over its movement and minimize data leakage, but it's difficult to find a company successfully carrying out a project. Rena Mears, Deloitte's global and U.... 

  • Worst practices: Encryption conniptions

    Through the years,'s expert contributors have no doubt spent much of their time pointing out a variety of security best practices. But what about the worst practices? In honor of April Fools' Day, network security expert Mi...