Data governance 2.0 defined: How can enterprises adapt?

Enterprise Data Governance

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  • Does FTPS encrypt data packets at the hardware or software level?

    If you need to implement FTPS, which delivers a lot of data securely to a server, it might be worth investigating partial or complete hardware acceleration of the crypto-processing. Platform security expert Michael Cobb explains why. 

  • Should disks be encrypted at the hardware level?

    Disks that automatically encrypt data as they write -- and decrypt when they read -- are appealing for a number of reasons. Platform security expert Michael Cobb explains why. 

  • Is Triple DES a more secure encryption scheme than DUKPT?

    Both DES and TDES use a symmetric key, but Michael Cobb explains their separate and distinct roles in protecting financial transactions. 

  • E-discovery management: How IT should interact with the legal team

    Amid the growing important of electronic discovery, it's critical that an organization's IT team strike a good working relationship with its legal team. But this can be un-chartered territory for IT personnel. In this tip, contributor Trent Henry sup... 

  • How to secure an FTP connection

    Network security expert Mike Chapple offers three tips that enable an FTP connection without opening up an enterprise to security risks. 

  • How to prevent software piracy

    Security management pro Mike Rothman discusses several ways organizations can prevent software piracy and protect their intellectual property. 

  • Symantec fills gap with whole disk storage encryption

    Symantec added whole disk and removable storage encryption to its portfolio through a partnership with GuardianEdge, working to strengthen its competitive position. 

  • How to protect DNS servers

    The DNS database is the world's largest distributed database, but unfortunately, DNS was not designed with security in mind. Application security expert Michael Cobb explains how to keep a DNS server from being hijacked. 

  • Data loss prevention (DLP) tools: The new way to prevent identity theft?

    Despite advances in perimeter technologies, data theft has become common in today's enterprises. To protect their confidential information, some security professionals are turning to an emerging technology category: data loss prevention. But don't th... 

  • Is DLP coming of age? Reconnex hopes to ease path

    Firms have grappled with DLP, but after a hard experience, ING's Andre Gold tells why it may be ready for prime time. Meanwhile, Reconnex says its new product can ease the path.