Data governance 2.0 defined: How can enterprises adapt?

Enterprise Data Governance

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  • Online game exploits threaten IT security

    Gary McGraw, chief technology officer of Dulles, Va.-based security firm Cigital Inc., is a security luminary with several books to his credit, including "Software Security: Building Security In," "Java Security" and "Exploiting Software." His latest... 

  • Unlocking best practices for successful encryption key management

    The importance of encryption has long been obvious to security professionals, but the complexity of encryption key management can be almost as daunting as the cryptography algorithms themselves. In this tip, W. Curtis Preston examines today's primary... 

  • How does a privacy seal protect an ecommerce Web site?

    Can a privacy seal protect your ecommerce Web site, or is it just a useful marketing tool? In this expert Q&A, identity management and access control expert Joel Dubin explains how well privacy seals actually protect a site's customer data. 

  • CA backup bug exploitable on Vista

    In what appears to be the first exploit for a third-party app running on Vista, a previously patched buffer overflow vulnerability in CA BrightStor ARCserve Backup has been exploited. One security firm says ISVs aren't taking advantage of Vista's new... 

  • Data breach at TJX could affect millions

    Retailer TJX Companies said a hacker gained access to its systems exposing the credit card data of millions of customers. 

  • Federal government pushes full disk encryption

    Businesses need to follow the federal government's lead in reducing data breaches by holding employees responsible and examining full disk encryption (FDE) products. 

  • More users increase risk for Volkswagen AG

    With 1.5 million users on the network, Volkswagen AG depends more than ever on strong ID and access management to safeguard intellectual property, according to its CISO. 

  • Cisco software vulnerable to attack

    Cisco's Clean Access software and Clean Access Manager are at risk to attack. A malicious user can access a database snapshot and download it without authentication. 

  • IT compliance success doesn't equal security success

    While compliance needs may help boost an information security department's budget, using the compliance card to receive more funding can cause more harm than good. In this tip, contributor Khalid Kark, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research explains wh... 

  • IBM to acquire compliance software firm

    IBM plans to acquire Consul Risk Management Inc., a Delft, Netherlands-based firm whose software tracks non-compliant behavior of employees.