Data governance 2.0 defined: How can enterprises adapt?

Enterprise Data Governance

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  • New freeware takes some mystery out of rogue files

    Endpoint security provider Bit9 today unveils a free search engine that tells users a file's origin, thus helping reduce unwanted software on desktops, laptops and servers. 

  • Man-in-the-middle attacks

    This excerpt from Chapter 2 of "Securing Storage: A Practical Guide to SAN and NAS Security" examines how man-in-the-middle attacks affect Fibre Channel security and examines how to determine if your organization is at risk. 

  • Protect your business from a Google hack

    Learn how to use advanced operators, special searching techniques offered by Google that enable advanced queries, to discover if your company's sensitive security information is exposed on the Internet before a black hat does. This tip offers a sampl... 

  • Six steps to beating backup server hacks

    Are your backup servers also backdoor servers? If you're not specifically addressing their vulnerabilities, they just might be. In this tip, W. Curtis Preston looks at the security issues behind backup servers and offers a quick list of things you ca... 

  • Data leaks and losses abound

    Whether it was a government Web site exposing sensitive data or a bank losing a tape with 90,000 customers' Social Security numbers, this week there were plenty of data security snafus. 

  • The Control Architecture


  • Quiz: Storage security

    Regulations like SOX and the recently approved Personal Data Privacy and Security Act are bringing the importance of data protection to light. Loss of data – be it inadvertent or surreptitious -- can result in fines, loss of revenue and loss of... 

  • Storage security quiz answers


  • Effective storage security policies

    In this tip, information security expert Kevin Beaver outlines essential policy creation processes along with specific policies you'll likely need in order to ensure storage security is not kept out of the loop or overlooked altogether. 

  • Gearing up for the data security culture shift

    Experts say securing sensitive data just isn't a working habit for many employees. Forget documented corporate data policies. When the auditors (or hackers) dig deeper -- what will they really find?