How did the 2013 update change the ISO 27001 standard?

Enterprise Risk Management: Metrics and Assessments

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  • Top U.S. universities failing in online privacy

    With the University of Texas the latest to admit it's been hacked, a new national survey shows many of the nation's foremost schools aren't making the grade when it comes to online privacy. 

  • Gap analysis procedures

    In this Ask the Expert Q&A, Shon Harris, SearchSecurity's security management expert advises what should be done before a gap analysis is performed, and, provides six common steps of a gap analysis, so organizations will know what to expect before th... 

  • Microsoft customers want more out-of-cycle patches

    Customers say Microsoft was right to issue an out-of-cycle fix for its flawed Windows Explorer patch. In fact, they wish the vendor would do it more often. 

  • IM too critical a business app to ban

    Despite reported security risks, companies shouldn't ban employees from using instant messaging (even if they could). 

  • Microsoft to close security updates on old Windows

    As of mid-July, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates for Windows 98 and Windows Me. Experts say the decision is likely long overdue. 

  • The Practical Guide to Assuring Compliance: Identifying Risks to Executives

    In this excerpt from "The Practical Guide to Compliance and Security Risks," author Rebecca Herold outlines the risks executives are often in the dark about and the importance of creating a security management oversight council. 

  • Report: IM, P2P threats on the rise

    Research shows a steady increase in threats that target unauthorized IM and peer-to-peer applications. Worse yet, most IT departments have no way of knowing the threats exist. 

  • Opinion: Military security legacy is one of innovation, integrity

    In response to a recent column criticizing corporate use of military security guidelines, infosec pro Norman Beznoska Jr. says corporate America has borrowed much of its technology from the armed forces, and could still stand to learn a thing or two.... 

  • Opinion: The importance of a military mindset

    The military security mindset shouldn't be so quickly dismissed, says Michael Tanji, because military science has spawned many commercially successful technologies and trained many of the professionals who today are the lifeblood of the industry. 

  • How to deal with risk

    In this installment of the Risk Management Guide, Shon Harris explains the four ways to deal with identified risk: transfer it, avoid it, reduce it or accept it.