How did the 2013 update change the ISO 27001 standard?

Enterprise Risk Management: Metrics and Assessments

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  • Opinion: Military security legacy is one of innovation, integrity

    In response to a recent column criticizing corporate use of military security guidelines, infosec pro Norman Beznoska Jr. says corporate America has borrowed much of its technology from the armed forces, and could still stand to learn a thing or two.... 

  • Poor government security makes industry wary

    The annual review of government security practices shows several agencies still aren't improving. Experts are worried it could harm Homeland Security's ability to work with the private sector to stop cyberterrorism. 

  • Companies fear dark corners of the virtual world

    According to a recent IBM survey, enterprises are now more concerned about threats in cyberspace than about those in the physical world. 

  • Security pros aren't stained by BlackBerry tiff

    A BlackBerry blackout would have been tough for on-the-go e-mail addicts, but it was never a security concern, if a survey of IT professionals is any indication. 

  • Metrics needed to guide application security decisions

    Recently launched Application Security Industry Consortium aims to give companies and their developers the information they need to select secure software and ensure products meet their business goals. 

  • IT pros: We can't stop every threat

    Mergers, staff shortages and fast tech deployments mean some security incidents probably went undetected last year, a recent survey found, and many fear it will happen again. 

  • Nyxem's lessons can't be ignored

    The worm didn't create the chaos that was expected, but security pros say it would be a mistake to dismiss it as a dud and ignore the valuable lessons. 

  • For CISOs, fitting in was never so hard

    As more organizations move their security officers out of IT, it may become easier for CISOs to succeed, but harder for other security pros to avoid a career dead-end. 

  • Vendors to stave off spyware scanning surprises

    Trend Micro, McAfee, Symantec and others agree to find a common approach to antispyware product testing, ideally making it easier for users to spot more spyware with fewer scanners. 

  • Passwords still the weakest link

    But more software is beginning to keep insiders from using shared or administrative passwords to access restricted data files, helping to ensure SOX compliance.