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  • User account best practices for an investment management website

    When creating online user accounts for an investment management website, security is key. Learn user account best practices from IAM expert Randall Gamby. 

  • Content-aware IAM: Uniting user access and data rights

    In the world of IT security, IAM and data protection have generally kept to their separate corners. That trend, however, may be shifting with the onset of content-aware IAM that merges granular user access with advanced data protection. 

  • Assisting customers with content-aware IAM decisions

    Content-aware IAM (CA-IAM) is the latest identity and access management (IAM) trends. Although it cannot be offered as a product just yet, there are plenty of opportunities for solution providers to assist customers. Learn what makes a customer a goo... 

  • Keep files from being deleted by assigning read and execute permission

    What's the best way to keep employees from deleting important files and folders? Learn more from IAM expert Randall Gamby. 

  • Is Identity Management as a Service (IDaaS) a good idea?

    Identity Management as a Service (IDaaS) is new on the managed security service provider scene, so how can you know which of these SaaS service providers to trust with your identity and management access tools? Find out in this expert response. 

  • How to streamline role-based access control

    Tight budgets have forced financial-services firms to focus to look for innovative ways to improve their access control management process. In this tip, Jack Phillips explains how organizations are reducing the number or user roles in order to cut co... 

  • Why privileged account management is critical to today's data security

    This month's cover story is about reigning in privileged accounts such as the UNIX root and Windows Administrator accounts. Regulatory requirements and economic realities are pressuring enterprises to secure their privileged accounts, but how? Also i... 

  • Top tactics for endpoint security

    The start- and end-points of today's enterprise networks are radically different than they were 10 years ago. IT staffs no longer have control over every endpoint connecting to the network, leading to a host of problems where access control is weak o... 

  • How to edit group policy objects to give a user local admin rights

    Giving a user local admin rights to his or her computer alone can be a tricky prospect. In this expert answer, Mike Chapple explains what Group Policy objects can and can't do to make this happen. 

  • Making the case for enterprise IAM centralized access control

    Central access to multiple applications and systems can raise the level of security while getting rid of lots of red tape, so how do you go about creating central access management? In this tip, IAM expert David Griffeth explains the steps.