The NIST cybersecurity framework is here: Now what?

Government IT Security Management

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  • Industry Notebook: FISMA compliance made easier with SecureInfo's RMS

    Upgraded risk management tool from SecureInfo Corp. and secured file transfers from Proginet among this week's product listing. 

  • SCADA security hearing begins today

    A Congressional hearing examines insecurities in the networks of our nation's most critical -- and vulnerable -- systems. 

  • Markle task force hammers government again

    A Markle Foundation task force report suggests ways for government to get data it needs without violating individuals' privacy or civil liberties. 

  • Enterprises can learn from Congressional oversight

    An unsecured shared network between Republicans and Democrats exposed sensitive documents, which served as a good reminder that information needs to be properly secured. 

  • When a 'D' in cybersecurity is seen as an improvement

    This year's annual report card on federal agencies' cybersecurity programs was the first time agency audits were based essentially on the same criteria as the previous year's. 

  • Government security failings spawn call for change

    Federal agencies came up shy on the government's annual security report card, earning a slew of Ds and Fs, and an overall grade of D. The poor showing prompted Rep. Adam Putnam to call for a change in corporate attitudes toward security. 

  • Invasion of the PATRIOT Act

    Let's put some things in perspective. Western society is under threat from terrorists. There's no question about that, either.

    The real issue is how to address that threat. There are two properties we want such a solution to have. We want ... 

  • The USA PATRIOT Act: Increasing the size of government

    Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism -- a.k.a. the USA PATRIOT Act --is a huge program with a catchy little title that does more to increase the size of government than it does ... 

  • Former cybersecurity czar suggests patch clearinghouse

    Former cybersecurity advisor Richard Clarke said this week that an independent group should be established that would test patches against common enterprise applications. 

  • Cybersecurity czar's actions would speak louder than policy

    Experts debate the power of the position of cybersecurity czar and its impact on Internet security.