Expert: State-sponsored risk 'going up like crazy'

Hacker Tools and Techniques: Underground Sites and Hacking Groups

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  • Attackers abusing trusted domain names

    Researchers at Finjan Inc. say hackers are exploiting a loophole in the domain name registration process to circumvent Web site blockers and prolong the duration of their attacks. 

  • Hijacked DNS servers could allow an Internet assault

    Roger Thompson, chief technology officer of New Kingstown, Penn.-based Exploit Prevention Labs, has had a long career in the security business. In 1987, he co-founded the first Australian antivirus company, Leprechaun Software, and launched Virus Bus... 

  • Proposed legislation would strengthen cybercrime laws

    A bill introduced in the U.S. Senate aims to close loopholes exploited by Internet criminals. 

  • How Russia became a malware hornet's nest

    Security experts Eugene Kaspersky and Gadi Evron explain how the Russian economy and lax police work helped make it a malware hotbed. 

  • Symantec sees spike in crimeware kits, organized cybercriminals

    Crimeware kits sold on the black market are skyrocketing according to an Internet threat report issued by security vendor Symantec. 

  • Zero-day auction site opened by Swiss lab

    Swiss start-up WabiSabiLabi is offering zero-day findings for qualified buyers. The site could fuel new debate over flaw disclosure. 

  • Report: New hacking technique shields attackers

    A new report issued by UK-based security vendor Finjan shows that attackers are using IP addresses to mask a malicious Web page and avoid detection. 

  • Why hacking contests, 'month-of' projects don't help

    Ivan Arce, chief technology officer of Core Security Technologies in Boston, is a big proponent of penetration testing as a way for companies to find and fix their vulnerabilities. In fact, that's one of his company's main specialties. But what does ... 

  • Experts doubt Russian government launched DDoS attacks

    Distributed denial-of-service attacks against Estonian computer systems probably originated from smaller groups in control of botnets rather than the Russian government, experts say. 

  • Are hacking contests good or evil?

    This week in Security Blog Log: Gartner says hacking contests have nothing but negative results, but some security bloggers disagree.