Expert: State-sponsored risk 'going up like crazy'

Hacker Tools and Techniques: Underground Sites and Hacking Groups

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  • Hackers get free reign to develop techniques says Microsoft security chief

    A patchwork of laws in the United States and foreign apathy toward cyber crimes give attackers an advantage over law enforcement, said Microsoft's top security chief Scott Charney. 

  • Dozens of Web sites spread malicious Trojan

    Update: The same malicious JavaScript keylogger that compromised the Dolphin Stadium Web site last week was found over the weekend on dozens of other high-profile Web sites. 

  • Criminals find safety in cyberspace

    A new report from McAfee shows how criminals are enjoying a sense of safety and anonymity in cyberspace that they never had on the street. And they're making more money. 

  • Research shows massive botnet growth

    Reports from McAfee and Microsoft show bot herders are gaining ground and threatening national infrastructure. Some vendors hope to strike back by sharing resources. 

  • Symantec Dark Vision app monitors underground IRC servers

    The research project keeps tabs on the hacker underground, providing new insight on activities like credit card theft and spamming. Likely a compelling law-enforcement tool, for now the security giant is keeping it under wraps. 

  • If e-thieves want your vote, they can have it

    This week in Security Blog Log, researchers focus on flaws in Diebold's electronic voting machine. Attackers could easily exploit them to tamper with your vote, they claim. 

  • Online crime as ugly as ever

    At this year's Conference on Email and Antispam, one expert said that despite the increasing complexity of online scams and attacks, digital criminals are less about the technology and more about the crime. 

  • Security Blog Log: Israeli-Hezbollah war spills into cyberspace

    This week blogosphere warily watches online attacks inspired by the Mideast conflict and rants over the latest security incidents at AOL and the VA. 

  • special coverage: Black Hat 2006

    Check here regularly as reporters from and Information Security magazine post the latest news and tidbits from Black Hat 2006 in Las Vegas. 

  • Security Blog Log: Has CSI/FBI survey jumped the shark?

    Also: A sign the government may finally be getting it on information security, and Blue Pill's creator explains why the effort should be taken seriously.