More than malware: The battle for mobile security

Handheld and Mobile Device Security Best Practices

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  • Wireless device flaw discovered

    A Broadcom wireless device driver, common in millions of laptops, is vulnerable to an attack, according to an advisory from the Month of Kernel Bugs. 

  • Quiz: Essential practices for securing mobile devices

    A five-question multiple-choice quiz to test your understanding of the content presented in the Essential practices for securing mobile devices lesson of's Messaging Security School. 

  • Taking the bite out of Bluetooth

    Bluetooth has become a ubiquitous short-range wireless protocol embedded in many mobile devices, but it has been plagued by security threats. In this tip, Lisa Phifer details those threats and explains how any organization can stay safe by following ... 

  • Podcast: Platform protection -- Security issues for mobile devices

    This 10-minute podcast features a Q&A-style back-and-forth interview with Lisa Phifer, a renowned instructor and conference speaker in the realm of mobile security. The podcast summarizes the security issues facing today's popular mobile device platf... 

  • Infected iPods a threat to corporate networks

    Infected iPods plugged into work machines can pass malware to the larger network, IT administrators say. But the right security tools and policies can blunt the threat. 

  • Flaw found in Toshiba wireless device driver

    Attackers could exploit a flaw in the Toshiba Bluetooth wireless device driver to cause a denial of service or launch malicious code on victims' machines. 

  • Defending Mobile Devices: Mock up lesson page


  • Utimaco strives for ultimate mobile encryption

    With new U.S. government initiatives to protect data, data encryption on mobile devices is becoming a must-have for many firms. As The 451 Group's Nick Selby writes, German vendor Utimaco Safeware is rapidly expanding its presence in the U.S. using a... 

  • IT pros worried about unsecured devices

    IT admins keep working to make networks secure even as more unsecured personal gadgets, like smart phones and BlackBerrys, find their way into companies. 

  • Black Hat notebook: Flying under the radar

    Early details on a security vendor in stealth mode, security pros show keen interest in Windows Vista and a new problem looms for BlackBerrys.