More than malware: The battle for mobile security

Handheld and Mobile Device Security Best Practices

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  • Security Bytes: IE7 defenses revealed

    In other news, former HP CEO Carly Fiorina takes a role with Cybertrust; malware exploits avian flu fears; and Zotob's impact is measured. 

  • Symantec making waves in mobile device security

    Symantec's pairing with Nokia and purchase of Sygate indicates that the security company is continuing to look for ways to protect devices and networks. 

  • Building trust into mobile computing

    The Trusted Computing Group unveiled "use-cases" that describe secure ways in which to implement features and functions of mobile devices. 

  • How to prevent drive corruption in the event of power failure

    In this Ask the Expert Q&A, learn how a PDA device stores data and programs. Also learn how Compact Flash cards and hard drives differ and what some are doing to prevent drive corruption in the event of power failure. 

  • Is wireless security pointless?

    Wireless threats are becoming so overhyped that some companies are taking a 'Just Say No' approach -- instead doing nothing to secure wireless access points installed by employees. 

  • Learning guide: The five steps of baseline Bluetooth security

    In this five step Learning Guide, you will learn the Bluetooth security basics, including how to protect against a Bluetooth hack or virus, how to disable Bluetooth and how to secure Bluetooth devices in the enterprise. 

  • The key to locking out mobile threats

    Learn how mobile devices can harm your network and what you can do to prevent exploits. 

  • Has the PDA become a Fossil?

    Fossil teams up with PalmSource to offer a watch-based PDA that may help to keep information from falling into the wrong hands. 

  • Week 41: Your PDA/PED policy

    PDAs, part of the larger group of Portable Electronic Devices, can potentially impact security in a variety of ways but are often not part of a security policy. 

  • New Trojan targets PDAs

    Three weeks after the 29A virus group launched Duts, the first proof-of-concept virus for PDAs running PocketPC, a new Trojan horse is targeting the handheld devices.