More than malware: The battle for mobile security

Handheld and Mobile Device Security Best Practices

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  • Security Bytes: Flaws found in BlackBerry Server

    In other news, Social Security numbers of H&R Block customers are reportedly exposed and multiple vulnerabilities are found in the Linux kernel. 

  • Security Bytes: IE7 defenses revealed

    In other news, former HP CEO Carly Fiorina takes a role with Cybertrust; malware exploits avian flu fears; and Zotob's impact is measured. 

  • Symantec making waves in mobile device security

    Symantec's pairing with Nokia and purchase of Sygate indicates that the security company is continuing to look for ways to protect devices and networks. 

  • Is wireless security pointless?

    Wireless threats are becoming so overhyped that some companies are taking a 'Just Say No' approach -- instead doing nothing to secure wireless access points installed by employees. 

  • Has the PDA become a Fossil?

    Fossil teams up with PalmSource to offer a watch-based PDA that may help to keep information from falling into the wrong hands. 

  • New Trojan targets PDAs

    Three weeks after the 29A virus group launched Duts, the first proof-of-concept virus for PDAs running PocketPC, a new Trojan horse is targeting the handheld devices. 

  • New attacks and vulnerability trends highlighted at Black Hat

    Presentations beginning today will analyze vulnerabilities, zero-day code, phishing and secure wireless deployment, among many other topics. 

  • Roundtable part 3: Will networks be targeted via mobile devices?

    Conflicting reports on the dangers posed to networks by malicious code targeting handheld devices prompted us to seek out some experts for their opinions. Our three-part roundtable examines the potential dangers to networks, enhanced risk to those ev... 

  • Smell phones worth every scent

    Guess what some people are making at the ol' factory in Scotland? Let's just say, technology never smelled so nice. 

  • Quick Takes: WAPman safe in Palm of your hand