More than malware: The battle for mobile security

Handheld and Mobile Device Security Best Practices

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  • Expanding antivirus to include the mobile enterprise

    If your organization has yet to add mobile devices to its antivirus management strategy, it may be overlooking a tempting attack vector. As Sandra Kay Miller explains, it's not only necessary that PDAs, smartphones and other mobile devices have const... 

  • Taking the bite out of Bluetooth

    Bluetooth has become a ubiquitous short-range wireless protocol embedded in many mobile devices, but it has been plagued by security threats. In this tip, Lisa Phifer details those threats and explains how any organization can stay safe by following ... 

  • How to manage a private e-mail address in Exchange 2003

    Security practitioners share tools and tactics to help create and manage a private e-mail address in Exchange 2003. 

  • Tips for securing iPods in the enterprise

    Despite the dangers iPods pose to the corporate network, your users may have a legitimate business reason for using them. If you can't ban them outright, here's how you can minimize their risk. 

  • Chasing away your wireless blues

    While Wi-Fi security has been grabbing headlines, Bluetooth has been creeping quietly into corporate networks -- often under IT's security radar. Given increasing deployment and broader usage, Bluetooth really deserves more attention and in this tip... 

  • Best practices for protecting handhelds from mobile malware

    Mobile malware such as the Cabir worm and Dust virus indicate that it's a good idea to put sound handheld security practices in place now, although antivirus software for handhelds and mobile phones may not be worth the investment. 

  • The key to locking out mobile threats

    Learn how mobile devices can harm your network and what you can do to prevent exploits. 

  • Week 41: Your PDA/PED policy

    PDAs, part of the larger group of Portable Electronic Devices, can potentially impact security in a variety of ways but are often not part of a security policy. 

  • PDA Security: Chapter 4, When a Handheld Becomes Information Security's Problem

    This book covers the security aspects of handhelds in the enterprise. 

  • J2ME security options

    What security options are available in this Java protocol.