IM Security Issues, Risks and Tools

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  • Latest IM attacks still rely on social engineering

    In the age of email-borne superworms, email recipients would often become victims without any interaction or warning. However, as Michael Cobb explains, many of today's most dangerous instant messaging attacks require user interaction, meaning wary, ... 

  • Podcast: Top 5 quick tips for safer instant messaging

    Michael Cobb of Cobweb Applications counts down five quick tips that can secure IM in the enterprise. Cobb discusses account naming rules, acceptable use policy, instant messaging encryption and much more. 

  • How to selectively block instant messages

    Monitoring instant messaging traffic isn't easy, especially when constantly evolving IM applications are designed to exploit firewall vulnerabilities.'s application security expert Michael Cobb reviews the best methods for taking o... 

  • Thwarting IM management challenges

    Product review: Information Security magazine's Sandra Kay Miller says Symantec's IM Manager 8.0 has limited public network features, but offers excellent reporting. 

  • Akonix A-Series offers complex, best-of-breed IM security

    Product review: Information Security magazine's Sandra Kay Miller says The Akonix A-Series instant messaging security appliances works well but needs better documentation. 

  • Secure instant messaging in the enterprise

    Instant messaging can be a conduit through which viruses come in to and sensitive data goes out of the corporate network. Enterprises need a thorough IM policy and the technical measures to back it up, regardless of whether IM is allowed or strictly ... 

  • Symantec says enterprises failing to secure instant messaging

    Results of a recent Symantec survey suggest that nearly three out of every five organizations have not secured their instant messaging applications. 

  • New threats target Microsoft apps

    Microsoft warns customers to apply a RASMAN patch to protect against new exploit code. Meanwhile, Symantec warns of code targeting Windows Live Messenger. 

  • Security Bytes: Skype dodges attackers

    Meanwhile: A worm hijacks IE and spreads via Yahoo IM, Ohio University reorganizes IT department after data theft; and Symantec accuses Microsoft of misusing technology. 

  • IM too critical a business app to ban

    Despite reported security risks, companies shouldn't ban employees from using instant messaging (even if they could).