IM Security Issues, Risks and Tools

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  • How to lock down instant messaging in the enterprise

    The popularity of instant messaging programs in the enterprise creates a huge problem for companies concerned about data leakage and Web-based malware. In this tip, application security expert Michael Cobb offers several strategies enterprises can us... 

  • Unified communications infrastructure threats and defense strategies

    Unified communications systems promise exciting productivity gains for workers and cost savings for businesses, but many often underestimate the security threats facing them. John Burke outlines the threats facing unified communications and how to de... 

  • Latest IM attacks still rely on social engineering

    In the age of email-borne superworms, email recipients would often become victims without any interaction or warning. However, as Michael Cobb explains, many of today's most dangerous instant messaging attacks require user interaction, meaning wary, ... 

  • Secure instant messaging in the enterprise

    Instant messaging can be a conduit through which viruses come in to and sensitive data goes out of the corporate network. Enterprises need a thorough IM policy and the technical measures to back it up, regardless of whether IM is allowed or strictly ... 

  • Websense Enterprise 5.5

    Learn why Information Security magazine believes this product is ideal for organizations who need an robust Internet filtering solution. 

  • How to block IM applications in the enterprise

    In this tip, security guru Mike Chapple discusses how IM threatens the network and provides strategies you can use to keep your network free of IM traffic. 

  • How to reduce spim

    Learn three tips for reducing unsolicited instant messages. 

  • Akonix L7 Enterprise brings IM under control

    How Akonix L7 Enterprise 4.0 secures instant messaging applications. 

  • Tips for securing Web-based applications

    The immense popularity of Web-based applications, such as MP3 files and IM, is posing more than productivity problems for enterprises. They also make excellent attack vectors. 

  • Are P2P applications worth the risk?

    There are inherent security dangers in P2P applications. Kevin Beaver helps you determine if they're worth the risk.