ISO 17799

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  • Benefits of ISO 27001 and ISO 27002 certification for your enterprise

    If your enterprise is considering becoming ISO 27001 and 27002 certified, there are several important questions to ask. Learn about the potential benefits of ISO 27001 and 27002 certification with this expert advice. 

  • IT auditing applications and tools for ISO 27002 certification

    Gaining ISO 27002 certification can be a daunting process, so what auditing tools can help? David Mortman weighs in on how to choose the best auditing tool for your organization. 

  • Security survey finds increase in security standards adoption

    Ernst & Young's 2008 Global Information Security Survey finds both positive and negative trends in information security depending on how you look at the numbers. 

  • Is the Orange Book still relevant for assessing security controls?

    Is the Orange Book still the be-all and end-all for assessing security controls in the enterprise? Security management expert Mike Rothman explains what happened to the Orange Book, and the Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluati... 

  • How do ISO 17799 and SAS 70 differ?

    ISO 17799 and SAS 70 are two different policies that help organizations achieve compliance best practices. In this Q&A, Mike Rothman defines the policies and unveils the their differences. 

  • How to apply ISO 27002 to PCI DSS compliance

    The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard may be fairly straightforward, but it's lacking in defining the processes that will ultimately lead to PCI DSS compliance. In this tip, expert Richard Mackey explains why the ISO 27002 can not only hel... 

  • How to migrate from SAS 70 to ISO 27001

    In this Q&A, security management pro Mike Rothman discusses the differences between SAS70 and ISO 27001 certifications, and offers advice on how to migrate from one to the other. 

  • Should ISO 17799 play a role in risk assessment?

    In this Q&A, security pro Mike Rothman offers advice on the best risk assessment procedures, and discusses whether or not ISO 17799 should be involved in the process. 

  • ISO 17799: A methodical approach to partner and service provider security management

    Outsourcing may relieve some of a company's burdens, but handing off business functions doesn't necessarily mean less work for security teams when sensitive information or critical infrastructure hang in the balance. In this tip, Richard Mackey expla... 

  • Embarking on the ISO 17799 certification trail

    ISO 17799 has proven to be a helpful set of guidelines for CISOs looking to improve their security strategies. The framework can't work by itself though, and security officers must actively prepare an organization for an ISO 17799 project. In this t...