ISO 17799

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  • How is ISO 17799 different from SAS 70?

    In today's security world, it's hard to keep track of each and every management standard and auditing procedure. In this Q&A, security management expert Shon Harris reveals the differences between ISO 17799 and SAS 70. 

  • Mapping the path toward information security program maturity

    Amid tight information security budgets, it can be hard to recommend the best ways to invest new dollars or focus new resources. In this tip, Ed Moyle explains why creating a security program maturity map is a sensible way to not only track a program... 

  • How can a call center achieve compliance with ISO 27001?

    Before you begin putting the pieces of your security program together, you may want to have a look at ISO 27001. In this expert Q&A, Shon Harris explains the framework and how it can identify and address an organization's security risks. 

  • Developing an information security program using SABSA, ISO 17799

    In this final article of our information security governance series, Shon Harris explains how to develop an information security program with SABSA and ISO 17799. 

  • Regulatory Compliance and ISO 27001

    In this excerpt from Chapter 10 of "The Case for ISO 27001," author Alan Calder explains how using ISO 27001 can help information security professionals deal with the challenges of complying with complex and overlapping regulatory requirements. 

  • Management Support

    In the excerpt from Chapter 2 of "Nine Steps to ISO 27001 Success: An Implementation Overview," author Alan Calder explains the first key to ISO 27001 success and what it takes to set up for success. 

  • What's new in the revision of ISO 17799

    SearchSecurity expert Michael Cobb outlines the latest changes to the ISO 17799 standard. 

  • A CISO's lessons in building a security plan

    The man in charge of information security at a Massachusetts insurance company explains how he built up the company's IT defenses from the top down. 

  • ISO/IEC 17799 vs. COBIT: How do they differ?

    Shon Harris looks at the origins of the ISO/IEC 17799 and COBIT security management standards, and discusses the differences between them. 

  • Standards-based compliance: A how-to guide

    This presentation by Dick Mackey discusses the pros and cons of using standards as the vehicles to improve regulatory compliance.