ISO 17799

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  • How do ISO 17799 and SAS 70 differ?

    ISO 17799 and SAS 70 are two different policies that help organizations achieve compliance best practices. In this Q&A, Mike Rothman defines the policies and unveils the their differences. 

  • How to migrate from SAS 70 to ISO 27001

    In this Q&A, security management pro Mike Rothman discusses the differences between SAS70 and ISO 27001 certifications, and offers advice on how to migrate from one to the other. 

  • Should ISO 17799 play a role in risk assessment?

    In this Q&A, security pro Mike Rothman offers advice on the best risk assessment procedures, and discusses whether or not ISO 17799 should be involved in the process. 

  • How is ISO 17799 different from SAS 70?

    In today's security world, it's hard to keep track of each and every management standard and auditing procedure. In this Q&A, security management expert Shon Harris reveals the differences between ISO 17799 and SAS 70. 

  • How can a call center achieve compliance with ISO 27001?

    Before you begin putting the pieces of your security program together, you may want to have a look at ISO 27001. In this expert Q&A, Shon Harris explains the framework and how it can identify and address an organization's security risks. 

  • ISO/IEC 17799 vs. COBIT: How do they differ?

    Shon Harris looks at the origins of the ISO/IEC 17799 and COBIT security management standards, and discusses the differences between them.