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Identity Theft and Data Security Breaches

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  • McAfee: Malware all about ID theft

    The use of keylogger technology is surging and there's been a 100-fold rise in phishing attacks, according to a new report from McAfee. 

  • ID theft victim to TJX customers: Mind your data

    Customers should guard their own data, says one ID theft victim. Meanwhile, some in the banking industry say TJX may have stored more data than necessary. 

  • TJX gets little sympathy from blogosphere

    TJX is taken to task by security bloggers for waiting until after a massive data breach to take steps to bolster its security. 

  • Did TJX take the right steps after data breach?

    Security experts are mixed on whether TJX acted properly following a massive data breach last month. One expert says potential victims should have been notified sooner. 

  • TJX breach: There's no excuse to skip data encryption

    Companies complain that database encryption products are too expensive and difficult to manage, but customer loss and breach notification costs outweigh encryption expenses. 

  • Data breach at TJX could affect millions

    Retailer TJX Companies said a hacker gained access to its systems exposing the credit card data of millions of customers. 

  • Cisco software vulnerable to attack

    Cisco's Clean Access software and Clean Access Manager are at risk to attack. A malicious user can access a database snapshot and download it without authentication. 

  • Criminals find safety in cyberspace

    A new report from McAfee shows how criminals are enjoying a sense of safety and anonymity in cyberspace that they never had on the street. And they're making more money. 

  • Review: Reconnex's iGuard needs improvements

    Reconnex's iGuard is maturing, though it still needs some usability improvements such as wizards, customizable reports and the ability to drill down on the graphs. 

  • Schneier: Data breach at UCLA barely newsworthy

    This week in Security Blog Log: Security luminary Bruce Schneier and others sound off on the UCLA data breach that exposed 800,000 people to identity fraud.