WhatIs definition: Incident response plan

Information Security Incident Response-Detection and Analysis

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  • Recovering stolen laptops one step at a time

    When a student's laptop was stolen last year on a university campus, police and IT investigators went to work, recovering it within a matter of weeks. Neil Spellman, one of the investigators on the case, offers some best practices on what to do if a ... 

  • IT security pros face challenge during economic crisis

    Steven Katz, widely recognized as one of the first CISOs in the security industry, has been keeping an eye on the current financial crisis and company information risk management processes. Katz, a former CISO at Citigroup, JP Morgan and Merrill Lync... 

  • Spotlight article: Domain 9, Physical Security

    Information security depends on the security and management of the physical space in which computer systems operate. Domain 9 of the Common Body of Knowledge addresses the challenges of securing the physical space, its systems and the people who work... 

  • Sound compliance policies, practices reduce legal costs

    Results of a recent survey show that if large enterprises adhere to compliance best practices, they can significantly trim what they spend on legal fees. 

  • Will the CERT security incident-response project benefit infosec pros?

    Many security professionals lack a management-level understanding of incident response. Expert John Strand gives advice on how CERT security incident-response project can help. 

  • During a breach, how much information should be given out?

    A security manager's nightmare: There's been a data breach, and it's time to pick up the pieces. But to recover as quickly as possible, who needs to know what about the data breach, and when? Security management expert Mike Rothman gives advice. 

  • Should organizations implement an incident severity ratings system?

    Having an incident severity ratings system can help sort the critical incidents from those that only pose small threats. In this security expert response, learn the importance of an incident severity ratings system, and how to implement one. 

  • Worst practices: Bad security incidents to avoid

    Some of information security's worst practices are just best practices ignored. And those guilty of today's big infosec mistakes range from chief security officers to network firewall managers to security staffs at giant financial firms and governmen... 

  • Incident response success in five quick steps

    Most organizations claim to have an incident response plan, but if it exists only in someone's head or as a few sketches on a crusty notepad, then that's as good as asking for failure. In this tip, security management expert Mike Rothman outlines fiv... 

  • The forensics mindset: Making life easier for investigators

    Eventually every enterprise suffers an incident, and a little preparation now can make all the difference when an event occurs. In this tip, contributor Mike Rothman explains why thinking like an investigator can help security pros develop a successf...