WhatIs definition: Incident response plan

Information Security Incident Response-Detection and Analysis

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  • Did TJX take the right steps after data breach?

    Security experts are mixed on whether TJX acted properly following a massive data breach last month. One expert says potential victims should have been notified sooner. 

  • TJX gets little sympathy from blogosphere

    TJX is taken to task by security bloggers for waiting until after a massive data breach to take steps to bolster its security. 

  • AOL apologizes for exposing search data

    A spokesman for the ISP-turned-portal says the release of keyword search information from about 658,000 anonymous AOL users was a "screw up" that was based on good intentions. 

  • Security training highlights need for continuity planning

    Organizations wondering how to respond to simultaneous security incidents might learn a few things from the drills being carried out by the State of Delaware. 

  • Digital doomsday can be avoided with preparation

    The U.S. Cyber Consequences Unit says enterprises must take specific measures to shore up their defenses, otherwise they could be vulnerable to attackers who not only steal data, but also manipulate it. 

  • Infosec pros need to get 'physical'

    Many attack scenarios put cyber and physical assets in equal peril, but security pros say it can be tough getting departments in those arenas to work as one defensive force. 

  • Information security, 'CSI' style

    A consultant to the FBI and Scotland Yard says cybersecurity professionals better be careful when they react to a network intrusion, lest they inadvertently let the crooks escape. 

  • Security Bytes: Shockwave flaw fixed

    In other news, McAfee employee data goes missing and an IT exec gets eight years in prison for data theft. 

  • Nyxem's lessons can't be ignored

    The worm didn't create the chaos that was expected, but security pros say it would be a mistake to dismiss it as a dud and ignore the valuable lessons. 

  • Dirty documents cause messy security situations

    What use are firewalls and intrusion prevention systems if insecure digital documents reveal all of an enterprise's best-kept secrets? That's the question many security experts are asking in the wake of several high-profile incidents in which organiz...