The Stored Communications Act and workplace privacy

Information Security Laws, Investigations and Ethics

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  • Storage Clips: Europe approves data retention law

    A newly legislated requirement that data be retained between six and 24 months is likely to take effect by next year in many countries. 

  • Privacy expert calls for action on Specter-Leahy bill

    A UCSD professor and expert in privacy and security says that the IT industry should propose alternatives to the Senate's new data privacy act before it's too late. 

  • Fighting adware with… adware

    McAfee says it wasn't aware promotional pop-ups were part of an aggressive adware campaign, as a competitor discovered. But it's vowed to find the company responsible. 

  • Carnivore

    Carnivore was an Internet surveillance system developed for the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) so that they could monitor the electronic transmissions of criminal suspects. Critics, however, charged that Carnivore did not include appropr... 

  • Spyware Survey: Do users want Uncle Sam in this fight?

    In the final installment of our three-part series, users sound off on whether government should get more aggressive against spyware or get out of the way. 

  • Laptops lifted right under corporate noses

    A new survey of Global 2000 professionals shows most laptops are lost or stolen at work and hold the kind of secrets that should give everyone goose bumps. 

  • The case of Shawn Carpenter: A cautionary tale

    Did the former Sandia Labs IT worker overstep legal bounds in hunting down hackers, or was his firing punishment for going to the FBI with his findings? Read what columnist Ira Winkler has to say about this man's plight. 

  • Information Awareness Office (IAO)

    Created in response to the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001, the Information Awareness Office (IAO) is a branch of the United States Defense Advanced Research Agency (DARPA) that aims to gather massive amounts of intelligence through electronic... 

  • lawful interception (LI)

    Lawful interception (LI) is the legally sanctioned official access to private communications, such as telephone calls or e-mail messages. 

  • vulnerability disclosure

    Vulnerability disclosure is the practice of publishing information about a computer security problem, and a type of policy that stipulates guidelines for doing so.