The Stored Communications Act and workplace privacy

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  • DATA Act protection: Effects of a federal breach notification law

    The federal Data Accountability and Trust (DATA) Act is still awaiting congressional approval, but what sort of effect would such a law have on overall compliance requirements? Expert Richard Mackey weighs in. 

  • Microsoft's Internet access control plan deserves a chance

    Microsoft is pushing a plan to prevent consumer computers from spreading malware. Senior Site Editor Eric B. Parizo says it's an idea that enterprise infosec pros should support. 

  • NERC compliance strategies presents a comprehensive guide to NERC compliance. Our experts cover all the angles in order to help your efforts in meeting compliance with the information security standards established by the North American Electric Reliability ... 

  • Estonian accused of RBS WorldPay hack extradited to U.S.

    An Estonian man has been extradited to the U.S. and arraigned in connection with the 2008 RBS WorldPay hack and subsequent $9 million ATM heist. 

  • Black Hat 2010 podcast: Core Security's Tom Kellerman on APT

    Core Security's Tom Kellerman discusses his thoughts about advanced persistent threats, how to deal with foreign adversaries and where and why the U.S. government is coming up short in fending off targeted and persistent attacks from cybercriminals a... 

  • Black Hat: DHS calls for attitude adjustment

    Wednesday's DHS keynote included the tried-and-true plea for greater public-private partnership to secure cyberspace, yet served to challenge those who think securing the Internet is a lost cause. 

  • Slovenian man charged with creating Mariposa botnet

    Slovenian police have arrested the suspected creator of the Mariposa botnet, which is estimated to have infected as many as 12 million computers. 

  • Rite Aid to pay $1 million in HIPAA settlement

    In its settlement agreement with the HHS over alleged HIPAA violations, the pharmacy chain will pay $1 million and must establish procedures for disposing of protected health information (PHI). 

  • I-SPY Act -- Internet Spyware Prevention Act of 2005 (H.R. 744)

    The I-SPY Act, formally known as the Internet Spyware Prevention Act of 2005 (H.R. 744), is a bill in the U.S. Congress that would criminalize the unauthorized use of spyware, phishing, and other methods of using the Internet to obtain sensitive pers... 

  • intelligence community

    The term intelligence community refers to government and other public agencies as well as private agencies that gather, assemble, and report information that pertains to world or national security.