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  • Remote flaw in Vista could earn finder $8,000

    VeriSign Inc.'s iDefense Labs is offering an $8,000 bounty to any researcher who finds a remotely exploitable flaw in Windows Vista. 

  • Congress leaves cybersecurity orphaned

    Senior level officials at the Department of Homeland Security are still unclear over whether the infrastructure protection and cyber security programs will be tied together. 

  • Feds get a D plus for data security

    An epidemic of data security breaches has swept across the federal government since early 2003, according to the House Committee on Government Reform. 

  • DHS names Washington insider Garcia to head cybersecurity

    After a years-long search for the right candidate, Greg Garcia of the ITAA will become the first assistant secretary for cybersecurity and telecommunications. 

  • Malware database access sparks debate

    Should an emerging database of more than 300,000 malware samples remain a walled community for trusted users, or is open access the best way to fight off digital desperados? 

  • Potential data security law causes concern

    Experts say any attempt by Congress to prescribe data security procedures in legislation would be a disaster. But a standard for the disclosure of data breaches is sorely needed. 

  • McAfee sued for patent infringement

    DeepNines claims McAfee is marking and selling products based on the DeepNines patent for the Security Edge Platform, a unified threat management product that integrates several tools into a single device. 

  • Vista kernel limits have security vendors on edge

    Microsoft's PatchGuard feature will prevent extension of Windows Vista kernel, and antivirus vendors say it'll make it harder for them to produce good security products. 

  • VA desktop PC stolen, 36,000 could be at risk

    Update: The incident marks the second time in less than three months that a VA device with sensitive information has been compromised. One expert blames the systematic problem of too much internal trust. 

  • Feds court infosec pros in fight against cybercrime

    Black Hat: Federal law enforcement officials hope a more cooperative and less territorial approach will help convince private sector organizations to join the fight against cybercrime.