The Stored Communications Act and workplace privacy

Information Security Laws, Investigations and Ethics

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  • Best antispam weapon: Mix of roadblocks and global laws

    Give spammers more computations to solve or more fees to pay before they can open e-mail accounts and they'll eventually stop trying. But while these roadblocks slow them down, experts argue diehard spammers will always find ways to push through. 

  • Consequences of Cisco source code theft unclear

    Opinions are divided on the impact of stolen data now circulating on the Internet. 

  • Sasser creator arrested

    German high school student arrested in connection with writing and distributing the Sasser worm, which antivirus experts estimate has attacked tens of millions of PCs across the world. 

  • RSA: Can regulation cure security's ills?

    As worms and other exploits continue to blast through holes in vulnerable software, driving up enterprise cleanup costs threefold annually, some folks with pull in the information security industry are starting to talk more about government regulati... 

  • Sealing up holes in disclosures

    A new vulnerability information exchange between critical infrastructure companies and the Department of Homeland Security offers assurances company disclosures won't be made public. 

  • Entertainment industry hits enterprises with legal threats

    The entertainment industry hasn't given up its fight to stop illegal downloading of music. It's just shifted its focus to companies that "let" workers download music files. 

  • Government flexes its spending muscle with 'model contract'

    The Department of Energy is the first federal agency to act on a "model contract" that demands vendors deliver software that is securely configured. 

  • Winkler-Mitnick rematch set for RSA Conference

    Hewlett-Packard chief security strategist Ira Winkler and convicted computer criminal Kevin Mitnick are part of a panel at this year's RSA Conference that will examine the pros and cons of hiring a hacker to do penetration testing in the enterprise. ... 

  • Cybersecurity plan heavy on private-public cooperation

    The White House released the National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace Friday, and chief among its many recommendations was a call for more dialogue between the government and private sector on computer security matters. 

  • Should you keep security holes secret?

    The debate over full disclosure of software vulnerabilities is nothing if not heated. Some think the public have a right to know about a flaw as soon as its found. Others feel software companies should have plenty of lead time to work on a patch. In ...