The Stored Communications Act and workplace privacy

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  • Zero-day auction site highlights ethical debate

    A new auction site plans to cash in on flaw research. Executive Editor Dennis Fisher explores if it's a viable business model and if research should be sold to the highest bidder. 

  • Antispyware legislation gets tepid reviews

    Congress is debating three different bills that would punish spyware pushers, but some IT professionals have their doubts about legislation as a solution to the problem. 

  • Zero-day auction site opened by Swiss lab

    Swiss start-up WabiSabiLabi is offering zero-day findings for qualified buyers. The site could fuel new debate over flaw disclosure. 

  • SSNs at risk in government records, lawmakers say

    Americans concerned about ID theft also have to worry about their Social Security numbers' use by the federal government, which leaves them exposed in a variety of records. 

  • DHS suffered more than 800 cyber attacks in two years

    Senior officials at the Department of Homeland Security acknowledged hundreds of security lapses Wednesday, but said improvements had been made. 

  • Homeland Security computer weaknesses to be examined

    A House subcommittee is holding a hearing to identify the failures of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to secure its information networks. 

  • House passes antispyware bill

    The antispyware bill passed by the U.S. House this week is opposed by software makers who say the provisions would penalize those who distribute legitimate software and Web sites. 

  • The trouble with Google hacking techniques

    Some IT security professionals say the threat posed by Google hacking techniques is overblown and that companies can easily avoid it with a layered security program. One skeptical expert is Ira Winkler, founder of the Internet Security Advisors Group... 

  • Lawmakers decry continued vulnerability of federal computers

    Lawmakers voiced alarm over the vulnerability of federal computers to attack. Recent security breaches are prompting concern over whether current federal rules are strong enough. 

  • Group calls for federal data security breach notification law

    A group of security vendors is calling on Congress to pass a law that emphasizes encryption and the public disclosure of security breaches. A law would apply in all states.