How the Affordable Care Act impacts information security

Information Security Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

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  • Can laptop users' offline activities be monitored?

    There is a direct solution for enterprises looking to enforce a "no USB devices" policy.'s network security expert Michael Chapple provides the answer and explains how an enterprise can monitor laptop users' offline activities. 

  • What are the top five high risk areas in a network operations environment?

    Although continuity plans, encryptions, and change controls are important security concerns within an organization, they are only some of the components that make up a successful security-integrated business program. Expert Shon Harris explains. 

  • Information Security Governance Guide

    This guide provides an introduction to what information security governance and a security program are, and examines how to deploy security policies within any environment. 

  • Automated provisioning quiz answers


  • Endpoint security quiz

    Take this five-question quiz to see how much you've learned about endpoint security. 

  • PING with Don Ulsch

    In this Q&A with Information Security magazine, Don Ulsch, technology risk management director for Jefferson Wells, explains why physical and IT security can no longer be treated separately and why security officers must pay attention to employees wh... 

  • Security policies: Don't be an army of one

    Despite the increasing importance of security policies due to regulations like SOX and HIPAA, information security professionals are often left on their own to develop, implement and enforce information security policies and procedures. This seemingl... 

  • SOX Security School Final Exam

    Are you ready for your next SOX audit? Take this Final Exam to see how much you've learned about SOX compliance and whether you need to revisit SOX Security School. 

  • How to properly protect and retain data

    Improperly securing, and storing, data can lead to a plethora of problems, including productivity degradation and non-compliance. Learn how to properly protect, and retain your corporate data in this security management Ask the Expert Q&A. 

  • Policy management: Manual vs. automated tools

    Whether you manage policies manually or use automated tools, it is imperative to get your policies and systems in sync.