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Information Security Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

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  • Controlling U3 smart drive use in the enterprise

    Many users have loaded Skype on U3 smart drives to get around their company's security policy. In this expert Q&A, application security pro Michael Cobb explains the best ways to control the use of mobile storage devices and protect the confidentiali... 

  • Do USB memory sticks pose enterprise threats?

    USB memory sticks bring new risks to the enterprise, but don't start gluing shut your computer system's USB slots just yet. In this Q&A, information security threats expert Ed Skoudis lays out your other options. 

  • Should a single security officer control both physical security and information security operations?

    Learn if your organization is due for a CSO or CISO. In this security management Q&A, Shon Harris demonstrates when a security officer should lead the physical and information security teams. 

  • What are the best options for handling segregation of duties?

    In this expert Q&A, security management expert Shon Harris explains the benefits to a separation of duties and reveals the best ways to implement tight access control within your enterprise. 

  • Can a security administrator be granted exclusive access to a Windows 2000 security log?

    A security manager can gain exclusive access to Windows 2000 security logs and allow limited access to his or her support staff, but not without complicating the security process.'s identity management and access control expert, Jo... 

  • Can laptop users' offline activities be monitored?

    There is a direct solution for enterprises looking to enforce a "no USB devices" policy.'s network security expert Michael Chapple provides the answer and explains how an enterprise can monitor laptop users' offline activities. 

  • What are the top five high risk areas in a network operations environment?

    Although continuity plans, encryptions, and change controls are important security concerns within an organization, they are only some of the components that make up a successful security-integrated business program. Expert Shon Harris explains. 

  • How to properly protect and retain data

    Improperly securing, and storing, data can lead to a plethora of problems, including productivity degradation and non-compliance. Learn how to properly protect, and retain your corporate data in this security management Ask the Expert Q&A. 

  • Gap analysis procedures

    In this Ask the Expert Q&A, Shon Harris, SearchSecurity's security management expert advises what should be done before a gap analysis is performed, and, provides six common steps of a gap analysis, so organizations will know what to expect before th... 

  • Employee termination procedures