How the Affordable Care Act impacts information security

Information Security Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

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  • How avian flu could threaten IT security

    Experts say a potential bird flu pandemic could have a disastrous effect on IT infrastructures. But if companies plan well, those infrastructures could also help minimize chaos. 

  • IT's presence may prompt risky business

    A new Trend Micro survey of corporate users shows employees are taking more chances with their work PCs than home machines because of the safety net their IT department affords. 

  • Great blunders in IT history

    When Colin Crook offers advice on how companies should deal a security breach, he speaks from experience. He was CTO of Citicorp [now Citigroup, parent company of Citibank] 10 years ago when a hacker penetrated the company's network.


  • Security's shortcoming: Too many machines, not enough training

    Companies are jeopardizing security by focusing too much on technology and not enough on people, a new report says. 

  • Home users threaten enterprises

    Home users' lack of security knowledge is threatening enterprise and government networks, according to a new survey. 

  • Getting proactive about security

    More SMBs are battening down the IT hatches, but one expert says there are some simple -- and crucial -- steps that many still aren't taking. 

  • Spyware vs. spyware: Employer and employee monitoring

    What rights and responsibilities do employers and employees have when monitoring others' use of company systems? 

  • Survey: Corporations not so 'skin' tight

    A new, international survey shows employees still surf porn at work, putting the entire company at risk. 

  • Duts is first known Pocket PC bug

    Duts is believed to be the handiwork of the group behind such other proof-of-concept viruses as Cabir and Rugrat. 

  • Report: Integrated security approach saves money

    Networks that use a combination of security products take far longer and cost more than a similar integrated solution, according to a report by The Tolly Group.