WhatIs definition: Zero-day vulnerability

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  • Security Wire Weekly: Mac OS Security, mobile malcode and the Oracle patch

    In this weeks audio download, security guru, Winn Schwartau, discusses Mac OS security in the enterprise. Plus, details on the new 'Crossover' mobile malcode, the out-of-cycle Oracle patch and how a $50 million Internet scam got busted. Listen on you... 

  • 'Crossover' malcode could jump from PC to handheld

    Researchers say they've found the first malicious code built to spread from desktop PCs to wireless handhelds, and it could signal a shift in the threat landscape. 

  • Security Wire Weekly audio downloads

    Get the week's top information security news while you're commuting to work or at the gym -- whenever it's convenient to you! Listen to our Security Wire Weekly audio downloads by SearchSecurity's award-winning news team and stay in the know. 

  • Microsoft AntiSpyware Beta incorrectly identifies AV software

    A recent signature file for the beta version of Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware incorrectly identifies a registry key of Symantec antivirus software. Removing the identified registry key disables antivirus products, and reinstallation of Symantec softw... 

  • Review: Spam Firewall a 'comfortable mid-sized sedan'

    Barracuda Spam Firewall's per-appliance pricing, clustering capability and centralized administration makes for a solid value proposition. 

  • Nyxem's lessons can't be ignored

    The worm didn't create the chaos that was expected, but security pros say it would be a mistake to dismiss it as a dud and ignore the valuable lessons. 

  • So far, Nyxem damage minimal

    AV specialists say enterprises have dodged Nyxem's file-corrupting bullet thus far. But a true casualty count may not be known for a few days. 

  • Images: Nyxem infests America, Europe

    This map shows the locations of machines that have been infected with Nyxem.E as of midday Thursday. The worm appears to have spread over large portions of the U.S. and Europe. 

  • AV upstarts tout need for speed in zero-day fight

    Data suggests upstart European antivirus firms are reacting more quickly to emerging zero-day threats, but opinions differ on whether speed is an important factor when choosing a vendor. 

  • Nyxem: Why the sky may not fall Feb. 3

    IT pros say enterprises have a good chance of weathering Nyxem's wrath Friday because of the ample warning and timely action from AV firms. But don't exhale just yet.