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  • How to choose hosted Web security services

    Hosted Web security services that analyze Web traffic for malware are an attractive alternative to on-premise Web security gateways. 

  • How to defend against rogue DHCP server malware

    Rogue DHCP server malware is a new twist on an old concept. The good news is that effective threat mitigation strategies exist; the bad news is that many organizations haven't bothered to deploy them. 

  • When BIOS updates become malware attacks

    Most security pros don't give the system BIOS a second thought, or even a first one, but today's BIOS types are highly susceptible to malicious hackers. Information security threats expert Sherri Davidoff explains how attackers can plant BIOS malware... 

  • Rootkit Hunter demo: Detect and remove Linux rootkits

    Peter Giannoulis of The Academy Home and The Academy Pro demonstrates how to install and use Rootkit Hunter, a free rootkit scanner for Linux and BSD distributions. 

  • Short-lived Web malware: Fading fad or future trend?

    Attackers are increasingly spreading their malicious code through fly-by-night websites that seem legitimate to unsuspecting users, but are actually laden with malware. Marcos Christodonte II explains how short-lived Web malware works, and how enterp... 

  • How to block adult websites from enterprise users by logging content

    Inappropriate content has always been a problem for enterprise security teams. What are some best practices for blocking adult content and websites from systems? In this security management tip, learn strategies for keeping users' Web habits in check... 

  • Use BotHunter for botnet detection

    Got bots? Hopefully not, but how can you be sure? Learn about botnet detection with the help of a free tool, BotHunter. This can keep your computers from participating in a botnet and subsequently leaking data. 

  • The value of application whitelists

    Although some may find Windows Vista's User Account Control feature annoying, it is really a variation of a security mechanism that is now re-emerging: the application whitelist. Michael Cobb explores application whitelist benefits and drawbacks, res... 

  • New blacklists: Highly predictive or hardly worth it?

    Renowned security expert Marcus Ranum once declared that blacklists were one of the most misguided ideas in computer security. But what about a new, more customized approach called highly predictive blacklists? John Strand takes a look at the emergin... 

  • Smartphone security: The growing threat of mobile malware

    The increasingly pervasive use of wireless handhelds in the enterprise is just one reason why malware pros are getting serious about mobile malware. Lisa Phifer details all the reasons why smartphone and PDA viruses and malware may be on the rise, an...