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  • How to detect system management mode (SMM) rootkits

    Rootkits were once a system administrator's best friend. Now they have evolved to become an admin's worst nightmare: well-known, surreptitious malware that can provide super user access to an infected machine. Michael Cobb explains how to get rid of ... 

  • Web advertising exploits: Protecting Web browsers and servers

    Web browser exploits are nothing new, but few security managers are consciously aware of the threat that Web advertisement exploits represent. 

  • Ransomware: How to deal with advanced encryption algorithms

    It's late in the day, and your CEO reports a strange message on his computer screen: his files have been encrypted, and a payment is required to return all of his data. What do you do? Don't give in to the cyberterrorists just yet. Mike Chapple expla... 

  • New defenses for automated SQL injection attacks

    By automating SQL injection attacks, hackers have found a way to expedite the process of finding and exploiting vulnerable websites. The old defense of testing and patching Web app code may not be enough to stop the threat. Michael Cobb explains how ... 

  • Microsoft PatchGuard: Locking down the kernel, or locking out security?

    With Microsoft's release of Windows Vista, the software giant locked down the kernel and forced independent security vendors to change the way that they provide antivirus services. So is the OS safer from attacks as a result? Contributor Tony Bradley... 

  • vPro: Making the case for network security on a chip

    Intel's vPro technology promises hardware-based storage of network security credentials. But will having network security features stored on a chip make endpoint devices more secure? Stephen Cobb explains why products like vPro may soon be just as co... 

  • Cleansing an infected mail server

    Learn five measures you can take to when cleaning up a massive email virus infection 

  • VirusTotal: On-demand antivirus service scans malicious files

    When several AV scanners are installed on the same system, they are notorious for stepping all over each other. Fortunately, the resources of more than 30 antivirus scanner engines are just a Web-click away. Contributor Scott Sidel explains. 

  • Fight viruses with your USB flash drive

    Information security pros often spend much of their days away from their desks. So when malware strikes -- in the form of a worm, virus or worse -- it can be helpful to have a USB thumb drive loaded up with valuable remediation tools at the ready. In... 

  • Building malware defenses: From rootkits to bootkits

    There's an evolving form of malware on the scene that can silently and maliciously wreak havoc on operating systems. Meet the "bootkit" -- a rootkit variant reminiscent of the old-school boot sector virus. While software exists for rootkit detection ...