Continuous security monitoring: Learning from the Feds

Monitoring Network Traffic and Network Forensics

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  • The forensics mindset: Making life easier for investigators

    Eventually every enterprise suffers an incident, and a little preparation now can make all the difference when an event occurs. In this tip, contributor Mike Rothman explains why thinking like an investigator can help security pros develop a successf... 

  • vPro: Making the case for network security on a chip

    Intel's vPro technology promises hardware-based storage of network security credentials. But will having network security features stored on a chip make endpoint devices more secure? Stephen Cobb explains why products like vPro may soon be just as co... 

  • PING: Fyodor

    Information Security isn't the only standby celebrating its 10th birthday; Nmap, the popular open source security scanner and network mapping tool hit double digits in 2007 as well. Like so many projects of its kind, Nmap was a labor of love--and nec... 

  • What security issues can arise from unsynchronized system clocks?

    Network administrators don't always pay enough attention to the issues of system clock accuracy and time synchronization. Michael Cobb explains why that can lead to security problems. 

  • Getting the best bargain on network vulnerability scanning

    When it comes to enterprise network analysis, is it best to use a costly commercial vulnerability scanner or a less expensive open source product? In this week's tip, Mike Chapple explains which enterprise assets require the expensive stuff and which... 

  • Filtering log data: Looking for the needle in the haystack

    In this illustrated tip, network security expert David Strom demonstrates how to use a log-filtering tool to quickly make use of all those voluminous log files. 

  • What are the best bot detection tools?

    Today, antimalware tools can detect hundreds of different bot variants using signature and heuristic techniques, but they aren't perfect. Ed Skoudis reveals some other options. 

  • Juniper UAC to deliver Shavlik patch management technology

    Patch management vendor Shavlik Technologies announced that its tools will now be enabled via Juniper Networks' Unified Access Control (UAC) product. 

  • Can reputation services be applied to network security?

    Reputation scores can be used to block spam, but can these services be applied to the security of the network? In this expert Q&A, Mike Chapple reveals which products are on the horizon. 

  • Cybercrime forensics lab cinches high-profile cases

    The Silicon Valley Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory pulls together evidence necessary to make a case in court.