Continuous security monitoring: Learning from the Feds

Monitoring Network Traffic and Network Forensics

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  • Finding malware on your Windows box (using the command line)

    Security professionals typically overlook the Windows command line, instead spending their time with more complex GUI-based forensics tools. In this tip, Ed Skoudis explains how just a few command-line tricks can help users closely examine the config... 

  • Black Hat 2007: Forensics software security holes revealed

    Researchers from iSEC Partners tell the Black Hat 2007 audience that the industry's leading forensics software is susceptible to attack. 

  • Black Hat 2007: VoIP security reaches tipping point

    VoIP security is as bad today as it was a couple years ago, industry experts say. But PGP creator Phil Zimmermann thinks his new Zfone software will help turn the tide. 

  • Managing traffic: Keeping your content where it belongs

    In this Messaging Security School lesson, messaging expert Mike Rothman will outline today's top concerns regarding outbound content security, detail product options on the market today and offer advice in terms of establishing sound business process... 

  • snoop server

    A snoop server is a server that uses a packet sniffer program to capture network traffic for analysis. 

  • What challenges arise when designing a logging mechanism for peer-to-peer networks?

    In this Q&A, identity management and access control expert Joel Dubin discusses how to track a peer-to-peer network by using open source security tools. 

  • promiscuous mode

    In a network, promiscuous mode allows a network device to intercept and read each network packet that arrives in its entirety. This mode of operation is sometimes given to a network snoop server that captures and saves all packets for analysis (for ... 

  • footprinting

    In the study of DNA, footprinting is the method used to identify the nucleic acid sequence that binds with proteins. 

  • Sourcefire, Nmap deal to open vulnerability scanning

    Sourcefire and have inked an agreement to develop open source vulnerability scanning tools based on Insecure's Nmap scripting engine. 

  • McAfee launches IPS for 10g networks, but is IT ready?

    McAfee unveiled a new IPS offering for 10-gigabit Ethernet networks and announced the upgrade and integration of several other products. One analyst offers a mixed assessment.