Continuous security monitoring: Learning from the Feds

Monitoring Network Traffic and Network Forensics

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  • Cisco fixes flaws in PIX, ASA appliances

    Attackers could exploit flaws in Cisco's PIX and ASA appliances to cause a denial of service or bypass authentication. Fixes are available. 

  • Preparing for extrusion detection with a network traffic analysis

    Extrusion detection and prevention products can help companies proactively thwart internal data security breaches, but preparation is required before making a purchase. In this Data Protection Security School tip, Richard Bejtilch discusses the impor... 

  • What is an Nmap Maimon scan?

    Systems are often designed to hide out on a network. In this Q&A, network security expert Mike Chapple explains how Nmap Maimon scans can get a response out of them. 

  • Sourcefire expands strategy in effort to leverage its network real estate

    Sourcefire has announced plans to expand its overall product strategy to span network access control, intrusion prevention, network behavior anomaly detection and post-admission network access control under the Enterprise Threat Management banner. 

  • Are rogue DHCP servers a serious network risk?

    Rogue DHCP servers can cause everything from a network outage to an outright interception of network traffic. In this Q&A, network security expert Mike Chapple explains the seriousness of the threat and reveals which tools can det... 

  • Snort creator, Sourcefire seek fresh approach

    Sourcefire Inc. is launching Enterprise Threat Management. Sourcefire says the open source tool Snort is the backbone of the new strategy. 

  • How can hackers bypass proxy servers?

    Hackers are bypassing proxy servers all the time and doing so for a variety of reasons. In this expert Q&A, Ed Skoudis points out the holes in your protective filtering tools. 

  • AT&T offers new malware security service

    AT&T is now offering business customers a network-based security service that provides Web content and instant messaging filtering. Analysts say it's a step in the right direction. 

  • Cisco fixes Unified CallManager, Unified Presence Server flaws

    Also: Microsoft warns of a new Windows zero-day threat and investigates a reported flaw in Vista. 

  • What are the best ways to block proxy server sites?

    Proxy services allow employees to view unauthorized content, but the proxies themselves and the sites that list them are tricky to detect. In this Q&A, learn how some content monitoring tools can help block proxy server sites.