Continuous security monitoring: Learning from the Feds

Monitoring Network Traffic and Network Forensics

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  • Nmap: Techniques for improving scan times

    As we continue our series on using Nmap in the enterprise, SearchSecurity expert Michael Cobb provides commands that will help you adjust your Nmap scan times appropriately -- whether you want Nmap to run slow and quietly, fast and furious, or somewh... 

  • Monitoring bandwidth usage

    What network monitoring software do you recommend for a medium-size business? I'd like to pinpoint users who are using excessive bandwidth for Internet surfing or peer-to-peer downloading. 

  • Can Snort read multi-platform syslogs?

    Most security pros are aware of Snort's network intrusion detection capabilities, but can this freeware tool read and monitor multi-platform syslogs? SearchSecurity's network security expert Mike Chapple tackles this question in this Ask the Expert Q... 

  • Nmap: More port scanning techniques

    In this fifth tip in our Nmap manual, expert Michael Cobb looks at some of the Nmap port scanning techniques that exploit certain idiosyncrasies of specific platforms or protocols in order to better differentiate between open and c... 

  • Nmap: How to scan ports and services

    Nmap is the ideal tool for performing a simple network inventory or vulnerability assessment. This article offers tips on how to use a Nmap 

  • Underlying patterns can reveal information security targets

    The many electronic devices people use today may present a largely unrecognized information security risk. As George Spafford explains, data patterns from these devices may soon make it easier for attacker to exploit an organization's people and syst... 

  • How to protect against port scans

    A port scan is a popular hacking tool that allows attackers to gather information about how your network operates. Learn how to detect and prevent a port scan in this platform security Ask the Expert Q&A. 

  • Security without firewalls: Sensible or silly?

    The San Diego Supercomputer Center has had only one compromise in nearly six years, without using a firewall. The SDSC's security manager explains how. 

  • How to install and configure Nmap on Linux

    Get tips on how to install and configure Nmap on Linux in an enterprise network environment. 

  • How to install and configure Nmap for Windows

    In this second installment of our Nmap Technical Manual, SearchSecurity expert Michael Cobb offers pointers on how to install and configure Nmap for Windows.