Continuous security monitoring: Learning from the Feds

Monitoring Network Traffic and Network Forensics

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  • How to install and configure Nmap for Windows

    In this second installment of our Nmap Technical Manual, SearchSecurity expert Michael Cobb offers pointers on how to install and configure Nmap for Windows. 

  • Treating email as potential evidence

    There is a growing need to archive email data, and today there are several ways to do it. Experts suggest it's time to consider what methods work best for the enterprise. 

  • Wireless IDS/IPS thwarts mall intruders

    One of the world's largest shopping malls has to deal with 5 million square feet of public and private networks, many of which now send data through the air, but it has a plan to ensure rogue users can't shoplift data. 

  • Nmap: A valuable open source tool for network security

    Open source tool Nmap is a popular choice amongst hackers and security pros alike for network mapping, port-scanning and testing for network vulnerabilities. 

  • Military students get lesson in cyberwarfare

    Students from the nation's most recognized military academies recently took part in a contest that not only tested their network defense skills, but also gave them a taste of real-world information security. 

  • Intruder Alert: Looking at the numbers

    In February, surveyed 307 IT professionals from a variety of industries regarding their intrusion defense programs. Here is a look at some of the questions we asked and the answers they gave. 

  • Security Bytes: More flaws in Mac OS X

    In other news: Financial firms scramble over massive online heist, Symantec warns of Scan Engine flaws and a new Snort-based tool is unveiled. 

  • Network tool stops security threats dead in their tracks

    One vendor's new security analyzer tool puts developing products through a vulnerability torture chamber to identify zero-day threats. 

  • Attacks driven by love of money

    Symantec's latest threat report shows digital desperadoes are exploiting Web application flaws and using "modular" malcode to launch lucrative attacks. 

  • Information security, 'CSI' style

    A consultant to the FBI and Scotland Yard says cybersecurity professionals better be careful when they react to a network intrusion, lest they inadvertently let the crooks escape.