Continuous security monitoring: Learning from the Feds

Monitoring Network Traffic and Network Forensics

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  • Sourcefire expands strategy in effort to leverage its network real estate

    Sourcefire has announced plans to expand its overall product strategy to span network access control, intrusion prevention, network behavior anomaly detection and post-admission network access control under the Enterprise Threat Management banner. 

  • Snort creator, Sourcefire seek fresh approach

    Sourcefire Inc. is launching Enterprise Threat Management. Sourcefire says the open source tool Snort is the backbone of the new strategy. 

  • AT&T offers new malware security service

    AT&T is now offering business customers a network-based security service that provides Web content and instant messaging filtering. Analysts say it's a step in the right direction. 

  • Cisco fixes Unified CallManager, Unified Presence Server flaws

    Also: Microsoft warns of a new Windows zero-day threat and investigates a reported flaw in Vista. 

  • Underlying patterns can reveal information security targets

    The many electronic devices people use today may present a largely unrecognized information security risk. As George Spafford explains, data patterns from these devices may soon make it easier for attacker to exploit an organization's people and syst... 

  • Security without firewalls: Sensible or silly?

    The San Diego Supercomputer Center has had only one compromise in nearly six years, without using a firewall. The SDSC's security manager explains how. 

  • Treating email as potential evidence

    There is a growing need to archive email data, and today there are several ways to do it. Experts suggest it's time to consider what methods work best for the enterprise. 

  • Wireless IDS/IPS thwarts mall intruders

    One of the world's largest shopping malls has to deal with 5 million square feet of public and private networks, many of which now send data through the air, but it has a plan to ensure rogue users can't shoplift data. 

  • Military students get lesson in cyberwarfare

    Students from the nation's most recognized military academies recently took part in a contest that not only tested their network defense skills, but also gave them a taste of real-world information security. 

  • Intruder Alert: Looking at the numbers

    In February, surveyed 307 IT professionals from a variety of industries regarding their intrusion defense programs. Here is a look at some of the questions we asked and the answers they gave.