Continuous security monitoring: Learning from the Feds

Monitoring Network Traffic and Network Forensics

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  • Screencast: How to gather host-level data with Network Miner

    Peter Giannoulis of demonstrates how to use Network Miner, an open source, passive network sniffer tool that hasn't received the attention that it deserves. 

  • Writing Wireshark network traffic filters

    The freely available Wireshark tool can provide valuable analysis of network traffic, but capturing packets can often lead to an overload of data. Mike Chapple explains how to use Wireshark's traffic filters to zero in on the precise information that... 

  • Review system event logs with Splunk

    Splunk is a free tool that provides log review and management. From parsing files to triggering alerts and scripts, Splunk can greatly reduce the amount of time security teams spend on logs. 

  • Wireshark tutorial: How to sniff network traffic

    One of today's most popular network security analysis tools is Wireshark. The freely available analyzer can inspect traffic, identify denial-of-service attacks and troubleshoot devices and firewalls. In this new tutorial, Wireshark whiz Mike Chapple ... 

  • Windows registry forensics: Investigating system-wide settings

    Information security forensic investigations can be a big job, but Windows registry command tools can make it easier. From querying autostart programs to getting the goods on every USB device ever connected to a particular Windows machine, these tool... 

  • Screencast: Catching network traffic with Wireshark

    This month, Peter Giannoulis of the demonstrates the popular, free network protocol analyzer, Wireshark. See how Peter uses Wireshark to hack into a recorded VoIP phone call. 

  • How to run a Nessus system scan

    In the second tip in our series on running Nessus in the enterprise, our contributor takes you step-by-step through the process of running a Nessus system scan. View screenshots of the Nessus interface and learn commands for the Unix Nessus GUI. 

  • Nessus: Vulnerability scanning in the enterprise

    General advice for vulnerability scanning in the enterprise with the open source vulnerability scanner Nessus. 

  • Windows registry forensics guide: Investigating hacker activities

    The Windows registry can be used as a helpful tool for professionals looking to investigate employee activity or track the whereabouts of important corporate files. In this tip, contributor Ed Skoudis explains how investigators and administrators can... 

  • More built-in Windows commands for system analysis

    Windows command-line tools can be a valuable resource to security professionals charged with the secure configuration of Windows' machines. In this tip, Ed Skoudis defines five more useful Windows commands that can provide new insight into the realm ...