Network segmentation: Not always an easy decision

Network Access Control Basics

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  • Endpoint security: Decision time

    Learn how to evaluate your potential endpoint solution and its ability to integrate into your environment. 

  • Endpoint security: RFP technology decisions

    Learn the different options of endpoint protection software and how each feature helps to detect and stop malicious behavior. 

  • Endpoint security: From business problem to technical solution

    Learn how endpoint protection software can help block malicious network traffic while providing secure access to your data. 

  • IT decision center: Endpoint security

    While antivirus detection capability was for years the most important metric in deciding how to protect endpoints, it's probably the least effective way to rank the pack of endpoint protection suites on the market today. For one thing, all the major ... 

  • Lessons learned from good and bad NAC implementations

    In this month's issue of Information Security magazine, four companies dish on the good, the bad and the ugly of their NAC implementations. Get the inside scoop on NAC implementations, and mistakes to avoid, as well as other advice from our experts. ... 

  • password blacklist

    A password blacklist is a list of words disallowed as user passwords due to their commonplace use. Blacklists may also incorporate rules to prevent the use of common passwords with frequently-used modifications such as capital letters, standard subst... 

  • password strength meter

    A password strength meter is an indicator, either in graphical or text form, of the strength of a password as entered by a user. A password strength meter shows how resistant a given password might be to cracking attempts like brute force attacks. 

  • exit interview

    An exit interview is a meeting between management representatives and someone who is leaving an organization. Businesses and other organizations such as educational institutions use exit interviews to gather useful feedback that can help guide future... 

  • endpoint fingerprinting

    Endpoint fingerprinting is a feature of enterprise network access control (NAC) products that enables discovery, classification and monitoring of connected devices, including non-traditional network endpoints such as smartcard readers, HVAC systems, ... 

  • phreak

    A phreak is someone who breaks into the telephone network illegally, typically to make free long-distance phone calls or to tap phone lines. 

  • masquerade

    In general, a masquerade is a disguise. 

  • Kerberos

    Kerberos is a secure method for authenticating a request for a service in a computer network. 

  • In 2013, Cisco network security product strategy to key on integration

    Video: Cisco SVP Chris Young details the vendor's 2013 network security product strategy, specifically combining more features into its line of ASA firewalls. 

  • The ins and outs of endpoint integrity enforcement

    From server-based endpoint security suites and directory-based group policy compliance checks to appliances and network-based access controls like TNC and NAP, this video explores the many endpoint integrity scan, quarantine, and remediation options ... 

  • Inside the NSA trusted computing strategy

    The NSA’s Tony Sager discusses the NSA trusted computing strategy and the importance of finding cost-effective ways to disrupt potential attackers. 

  • Endpoint integrity enforcement: The ins and outs

    Learn about the latest in endpoint integrity enforcement and the questions you should ask vendors and groups within your own organization to stop infected, non-compliant endpoints from threatening your business. 

  • Perimeter defense in the era of the perimeterless network

    When it comes to perimeter defense, identifying the network edge is a challenge in itself. This video offers insight on defending the enterprise in a perimeterless world, including the issues of a perimeterless network and leading technologies for en... 

  • Making NAC work with your existing security tools

    This podcast provides listeners with real-world anecdotes and detailed information on how to overcome obstacles presented by conflicts between your various Network Access Control (NAC) products and other security and networking tools on your network.... 

  • NAC and endpoint security: The hard questions

    Joel Snyder covers challenging endpoint security questions and explains how NAC technology can address them. 

About Network Access Control Basics

Learn the basics of network access control (NAC) to achieve secure user access and avoid hacker attacks. Get advice on implementation, deployment, endpoint security software and policies.